>From the Git Bash command line, I enter
$ git difftool

and type ‘y’ when the file I want to difference appears.  Git correctly
calls the external diff tool (LVCompare.exe), but the path for the remote
file Git passes to that tool is malformed (e.g.,
Obviously the \/ (backslash forwardslash) combination is incorrect.

For the record, I have successfully made calls to LVCompare.exe manually
from a Windows command prompt directly (without Git).

The relevant portion of the .gitconfig file is:
     tool = "LVCompare"
[difftool "LVCompare"]
     cmd = 'C:/Program Files (x86)/National Instruments/Shared/LabVIEW
Compare/LVCompare.exe' \"$LOCAL\"  \"$REMOTE\"

For the record, the operating system is Windows 8.1.


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