I had some issues while converting our current SVN repository to a GIT repository. The old repository has a lot of strange history in it making it far from easy to convert it but for some issues I had to modify the convert scripts.

As I don't know the internals of GIT or git-svn enough I don't know if these are actually bugs or not. I will also not produce and submit patches to fix this as I don't know enough Perl to know if maybe it can be solved in a better way or that it should be solved at all.

1. issue with git-svn dying because git could not find the refname. I noticed that in the function resolve_local_globs it was actually passing desanitized names to the cmt_metadata function, so I changed the code to use sanitized names, trying to keep the rest of the script (which I don't pretend to understand) intact:

sub resolve_local_globs {
    my ($url, $fetch, $glob_spec) = @_;
    return unless defined $glob_spec;
    my $ref = $glob_spec->{ref};
    my $path = $glob_spec->{path};
    foreach (command(qw#for-each-ref --format=%(refname) refs/#)) {
        next unless m#^$ref->{regex}$#;
        my $p = $1;
        my $pathname = $path->full_path($p);
        my $svnpathname = desanitize_refname($pathname);
        my $refname = $ref->full_path($p);
        my $svnrefname = desanitize_refname($refname);
        if (my $existing = $fetch->{$svnpathname}) {
            if ($existing ne $svnrefname) {
                die "Refspec conflict:\n",
                    "existing: $existing\n",
                    " globbed: $svnrefname\n";
            my $u = (::cmt_metadata("$refname"))[0];
            $u =~ s!^\Q$url\E(/|$)!! or die
              "$svnrefname: '$url' not found in '$u'\n";
            if ($pathname ne $u) {
                warn "W: Refspec glob conflict ",
                     "(ref: $svnrefname):\n",
                     "expected path: $pathname\n",
                     "    real path: $u\n",
                     "Continuing ahead with $u\n";
        } else {
            $fetch->{$svnpathname} = $svnrefname;

2. issue with an @ being present in a branch name. A first branch was created just fine, but a second branch was created from that branch which failed.

The following message (simplified for confidentiality reasons) was shown while trying to branch 'blabla bla@bla blabla' to 'blabla blabla'

Found possible branch point: svn://localhost/path/to/branch/blabla%20bla@bla%20blabla => svn://localhost/path/to/branches/blabla%20blabla, 13486 refs/remotes/origin/branches/blabla bla@bla blabla: 'svn://localhost' not found in 'svn://bla%20blabla'

I found out that the git-svn-id was actually being wrongly initiated to 'svn://bla%20blabla'. This is due to a mistake in the regex that is used in remove_username.

It was:
        $_[0] =~ s{^([^:]*://)[^@]+@}{$1};
I changed it to
        $_[0] =~ s{^([^:]*://)[^@/]+@}{$1};

And it works.

I did all this using the standard Git package for Windows, release

PS: I tried to send this from my work email several times but I think the mail server can't handle the greylisting so I apologize if the mails still end up in the list.


Met vriendelijke groeten,
Best regards,

Mathy Vanvoorden

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