Hi Semyon,

Am 18.02.2014 18:49, schrieb Semyon Perepelitsa:
> I noticed the option in the man-page but there is still no configuration 
> option available. Did you forget to add it after all?

Nope, we just didn't implement it yet. ;-)

It's one of the topics on my submodule ToDo list:


> Right now --recurse-submodules has little use by itself as the problem it 
> solves is forgetting to push a submodule which is no different from 
> forgetting to specify the option.

I'm currently busy working on another submodule related topic. But
if you are interested, adding the "fetch.recurseSubmodules" config
option in be254a0e and the "submodule.<name>.fetchRecurseSubmodules"
option in c1a3c364 should be good examples of how to add the
"push.recurseSubmodules" and "submodule.<name>.pushRecurseSubmodules"
config options.

I'll be glad to help in bringing this topic forward by discussing
ideas and reviewing patches. And I believe we should change the
default behavior of push (which is currently quiet about unpushed
submodule commits as you noticed) to either "check" or "on-demand"
(with my preference currently being slightly on the former, but I'm
happy to be convinced otherwise ;-).

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