On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 09:19:24PM +0700, Duy Nguyen wrote:

> > We don't need to do any of that immediately.  This is mostly just me
> > thinking aloud, to make sure we do not paint ourselves into a corner
> > compatibility-wise.
> Good thinking. If you plan to use the exact same sort syntax f-e-r
> uses now, pick a letter (the dot I used above is probably not the
> best), I'll rewrite this patch to use the same syntax.

I think I actually prefer the full word "version", as you have already.
It's clear what it means, and we can extend the syntax generally to:




for descending version-sort by subject.  And then as a special-case
convenience, make "version" without a field default to
"version:refname". There's no ambiguity because the set of comparison
names and field-names is fixed, and we know there is no overlap.

If want to, we can _also_ give a one-letter abbreviation to the
comparison field, like:


but that is not necessary.

So I think your patch is fine as-is. It is perhaps a little funny to
start with the special case and only implement the general case later,

  1. We would want the special case eventually, because it is the most
     natural thing to type, and pretty clearly the most common use-case.

  2. We may not ever even end up with the general case. This is just
     about making sure that if we _do_ add it, that it fits
     syntactically with "--sort=version".

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