I'm converting a large SVN repository to a Git repository. I've run
the first step of `git svn fetch` and now I have all of my branches,
tags, and trunk. However my tags are still just branches, I have not
converted them yet.

As I transition my team over to use Git, I wonder if it is possible to
convert the tag-branches to real tags and still be able to do `git svn
fetch` afterwards to continue to pull in changes. My goal is to have
the git repository as ready as possible so that everyone can swap to
it at once (and it'll be less downtime before i can push it to
github). There are some scenarios I worry about:

- Will git re-fetch the tag-branches if they technically don't exist
anymore (they would be real tags)?
- What if a change is made to a tag, what will git-svn do?
- New tags created, will those just create new tag-branches and I can
convert them later?

Thanks in advance.
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