One would expect 'git commit --verbose --no-status' to give a commit
message with a diff of the commit, sans the output of git-status.
However, this does not work currently; the commit message body is
entirely empty (diff is absent as well). This patch series attempts to
make this work, as one would expect.


We first rename STATUS_FORMAT_NONE to *_DEFAULT, so that we can use it
to mean "no status output at all".

[PATCH 2/3] extract setting of wt_status.commitable flag out of

Currently, the wt_status.commitable flag is set only when we call
wt_status_print(). * Extract this logic, so that we don't have to go
through the git-status output code.

* In fact, it is not set when --short or --porcelain are used. This
  series does not attempt to fix the bug, though it should be trivial to
  do so with this patch.

[PATCH 3/3] make commit --verbose work with --no-status

Actual work here.


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