Jeff King <> writes:

> On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 03:12:48PM -0500, Murtuza Mukadam wrote:
>> We have linked peer review discussions on
>> to their respective commits within the main
>> git.git repository. You can view the linked reviews from 2012
>> until present in the GitHub repo at:
> Neat. We've experimented in the past with mapping commits back to
> mailing list discussions.  Thomas (cc'd) has a script that creates
> git-notes trees mapping commits to the relevant message-id, which can
> then be found in the list archive.
> To me, the interesting bits of such a project are:
>   1. How do we decide which messages led to which commits? There is
>      definitely some room for heuristics here, as patches are sometimes
>      tweaked in transit, or come in multiple stages (e.g., the original
>      patch, then somebody suggests a fixup on top). You might want to
>      compare your work with the script from Thomas here:

Eh, or don't.  My script nowadays uses Junio's suggestion of matching on
(author, authordate) with a little bit of tweaking in case there is no
match.  The name/date match works for most cases even in slightly
tweaked forms.

(The very first version elaborately tried all sorts of things, including
attempting to patch on master, next etc. to see where it applies, and
turned out to be waaaay too slow.)

I'm no longer convinced that there's anything a computer can do beyond
(author, authordate), anyway.  Perhaps someone with a clue in UIs --
that's definitely not me -- could make a website where users can
complete or correct the autogenerated mappings to go further.

Thomas Rast
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