There seems to be a difference in the behavior of "git push" depending
on whether remote.pushdefault is defined before or after
branch.<name>.pushremote in .git/config.

If remote.pushdefault is defined to be "origin", and later in the
file, branch.master.pushremote is defined to be "upstream", then a
plain "git push" from master errors out because I haven't provided a
refspec or configured push.default. This makes sense.

However, if the order of the two in the file is reversed, then a plain
"git push" pushes to the "origin" repository, even though I have set
the pushremote for master to "upstream". This appears to be a bug.

I would expect the order that things are defined in the config file to
have no effect on the behavior of "git push".

I have reproduced this using git 1.9.0 and

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