When t4212 was originally added by 9dbe7c3d (pretty: handle
broken commit headers gracefully, 2013-04-17), it tested our
handling of commits with broken ident lines in which the
timestamps could not be parsed. It does so using a bogus line
like "Name <email>-<> 1234 -0000", because that simulates an
error that was seen in the wild.

Later, 03818a4 (split_ident: parse timestamp from end of
line, 2013-10-14) made our parser smart enough to actually
find the timestamp on such a line, and t4212 was adjusted to
match. While it's nice that we handle this real-world case,
this meant that we were not actually testing the
bogus-timestamp case anymore.

This patch adds a test with a totally incomprehensible
timestamp to make sure we are testing the code path.

Note that the behavior is slightly different between regular log
output and "--format=%ad". In the former case, we produce a
sentinel value and in the latter, we produce an empty
string. While at first this seems unnecessarily
inconsistent, it matches the original behavior given by

Signed-off-by: Jeff King <p...@peff.net>
 t/t4212-log-corrupt.sh | 21 +++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 21 insertions(+)

diff --git a/t/t4212-log-corrupt.sh b/t/t4212-log-corrupt.sh
index 93c7c36..83de981 100755
--- a/t/t4212-log-corrupt.sh
+++ b/t/t4212-log-corrupt.sh
@@ -44,4 +44,25 @@ test_expect_success 'git log --format with broken author 
email' '
        test_cmp expect.err actual.err
+munge_author_date () {
+       git cat-file commit "$1" >commit.orig &&
+       sed "s/^\(author .*>\) [0-9]*/\1 $2/" <commit.orig >commit.munge &&
+       git hash-object -w -t commit commit.munge
+test_expect_success 'unparsable dates produce sentinel value' '
+       commit=$(munge_author_date HEAD totally_bogus) &&
+       echo "Date:   Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 1970 +0000" >expect &&
+       git log -1 $commit >actual.full &&
+       grep Date <actual.full >actual &&
+       test_cmp expect actual
+test_expect_success 'unparsable dates produce sentinel value (%ad)' '
+       commit=$(munge_author_date HEAD totally_bogus) &&
+       echo >expect &&
+       git log -1 --format=%ad $commit >actual
+       test_cmp expect actual

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