Omar Othman <> writes:

> Brandon:

Please, don't top-post on this list. Look how other people answer to
each other and follow the use.

> Please note that what I am asking for is not always dropping the
> stash, but doing that *only* when the merge conflict is resolved. This
> is simply getting the whole command to be consistent. If you do `git
> stash pop` and it succeeds, the stash reference is dropped. If you do
> git stash pop` and it succeeds *after resolving the merge conflict*,
> the stash reference is *not* dropped. This is *not* consistent and
> *is* a user experience problem. I'm not asking about dumbing git down
> by any means.

Can you describe precisely what you would expect, e.g. what Git's output
should look like after such and such command?

Matthieu Moy
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