On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 3:30 AM, Jeff King <p...@peff.net> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 12:24:13PM +0100, Vicent Martí wrote:
>> > One thing I noticed after tg/index-v4-format is both libgit2 and jgit
>> > do not seem to support index v4. So we could add "index v4 support on
>> > libgit2" to the idea page. It's a relatively small task though once
>> > you get a hang on index format.
>> That sounds like a nice task for the Summer of Code too, specially
>> with the current effort to make Index v4 more visible in Core Git.
> Yeah, I'd agree. Want to write it up?
>> I wonder if anybody from JGit would also be interested on mentoring
>> for the equivalent task (index v4 on JGit). I've CC'ed Shawn Pearce.
> A project that added to both libgit2 and JGit would be cool, but I don't
> know if that is asking too much of the student (multiple languages and
> projects is going to increase the time spent on non-code friction).

I agree, its too much to ask from a single student to add it to both projects.

As far as JGit supporting index v4, I am holding my breath and waiting
for index v5. We keep spinning through dircache versions with
relatively little gain for each one, but a lot of complexity. As it
was a prior version was sort of a disaster with the fixed length
portion of records being either 62 or 64 bytes depending on a bit set
per record. Yuck. I haven't been reading every message in the v4 topic
but nothing impressed me as being worth my time to implement in JGit,
other than to be compatible with a version of git-core that won't land
in Debian stable for at least 2 more years.
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