Andrew Wong <> writes:

> If the user wants to do "git reset" during a merge, the user most likely
> wants to do a "git reset --merge". This is especially true during a
> merge conflict and the user had local changes, because "git reset" would
> leave the merged changes mixed in with the local changes. This makes
> "git reset" a little more user-friendly during a merge.

But this breaks backward compatibility.

I sometimes run "git reset" during a merge to only reset the index and
then examine the changes introduced by the merge. With your changes,
someone doing so would abort the merge and discard the merge resolution.
I very rarely do this, but even rarely, I wouldn't like Git to start
droping data silently for me ;-).

I'm not really convinced that this is such a good change, and if we go
this way, there should be a transition to let users stop using
argumentless "git reset" to reset the index during a merge.

The other 2 patches look good to me.

Matthieu Moy
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