Carlos Martín Nieto <> writes:

> ... However, we now
> have 'origin/master' and 'origin/pr/5' both of which match the
> 'refs/remotes/origin/*' pattern. The current behaviour is to stop at the
> first match, which would mark it as stale as there is no
> 'refs/heads/pr/5' branch in the remote.

OK, but with a later pattern, we can find out that it came from pull/5
that was advertised by the remote.  If we had origin/pr/1 when the
remote no longer has pull/1, then we can say that is stale.

Makes sense.  Thanks for an explanation.

I wonder how well --prune would work on a repository in pre 1.5
layout, where all branches were copied to local refs/heads/
hierarchy except for 'master' (which is renamed to 'origin').  Does
it have a similar issue?  Do we end up pruning refs/heads/origin
away because we do not see it on the remote end, or we somehow
already deal with it and not have to worry about it?
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