On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 7:16 AM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
>> +     if (file_exists(path.buf)) {
>> +             if (strbuf_read_file(&data, path.buf, 0) <= 0)
>> +                     die_errno(_("failed to read %s"), path.buf);
> Do we care about the case where we cannot tell if the file exists
> (e.g. stat() fails due to EPERM or something), or would it be not
> worth worrying about?

In that case we assume (incorrectly) that the repository is complete.
Following operations would fail. So not too bad, I think.

>> @@ -188,14 +212,20 @@ int is_git_directory(const char *suspect)
>>       int ret = 0;
>>       size_t len;
>> -     strbuf_addstr(&path, suspect);
>> +     strbuf_addf(&path, "%s/HEAD", suspect);
>> +     if (validate_headref(path.buf))
>> +             goto done;
> Is there a reason why we want to check HEAD before other stuff?
> Just being curious, as I do not think of any (I am not saying that
> we shouldn't change the order).

Yes, it's reordered so that worktree signature (e.g. HEAD) is checked
first, against $GIT_DIR. Then non-worktree signatures ("refs" and
"objects") are checked against $GIT_COMMON_DIR (or $GIT_DIR still if
$GIT_DIR/commondir does not exist). Notice "path" is reset to
$GIT_COMMON_DIR just after checking HEAD. I should probably add a
comment about this separation.
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