Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> $ git status
> On branch master
> nothing to commit, working directory clean
> $

ok, you've lost your conflict resolutions.

>> In fact, it now seems that 'git reset --mixed' is always the same as
>> 'git reset --merge'. So I must be missing something!
> "git reset --merge" is an alias for "git merge --abort" (IIRC, it's
> actually the other way around). Essentially, it reverts, or tries to
> revert everything (worktree and index) as it was before the merge. That
> includes throwing away conflict resolution.


> Now, I do agree that the documentation of "git reset" is terrible, 

Ok, good.

So is this a sufficient bug report to request that the documentation be
fixed? (I obviously don't know enough to even think about submitting a

-- Stephe
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