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Based on my experience so far as a first-time Google Summer of Code
mentor, I just wrote a blog article containing some hopefully useful
advice for students applying to the program.  Please note that this is
my personal opinion only and doesn't necessarily reflect the views of
the Git/libgit2 projects as a whole.

   My secret tip for GSoC success


Michael Haggerty

In particular I liked : " If the documentation is unclear, it is OK to
ask for a clarification, but then _fix the documentation_ so that your
mentor never has to answer the same question again."

So the rhetorical question(s) for students would be :-

- was the Git documentation useful - did you see the README?, did it
lead, easily, to the useful places [1]? How could the wording/layout be
improved for the first time reader?

- which points of clarification were most useful and are they in the
documentation? Where should they be included?

- which points needed repeating often, and why? Where was the

- what would a patch look like...

Philip Oakley

[1] README; INSTALL; Documentation/SubmittingPatches;

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