I am converting my team's SVN server to GIT but they aren't ready to
transition yet. People are still working out of SVN, so I need to keep
the git-svn clone around to do 'git svn fetch' to continue to keep it
synchronized with SVN.

Once everyone is ready to switch, and after converting all of the
tag-branches to real GIT tags, I plan to push all branches & tags to
the new central git repository.

However, before pushing to the central GIT repo, I want to remove some
giant directories from the repository history. Specifically some third
party library directories. I have found a way to do this here:

Is it safe to do this while still using git svn fetch? Will it
properly continue to convert SVN commits on top of my rewritten
history? If not, what changes can I make after I run the commands
linked by the URL above so that git svn continues to work normally?

Note that I plan to delete the third party libraries from SVN side and
then pull down the changes to git through git-svn, then at that point
clean it up (hopefully the git filter-branch command ignores the
commit that deleted the files and only hunts down the commits where
they were added or modified).

Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.
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