Simon Ruderich <> writes:

> Most distributions don't require Term::Readkey as dependency,
> leaving the user to wonder why the setting doesn't work.
> Signed-off-by: Simon Ruderich <>

Thanks, but is it true that interactive.singlekey "requries"

The relevant part of git-add--interactive reads like so:

if ($repo->config_bool("interactive.singlekey")) {
        eval {
                require Term::ReadKey;
                $use_readkey = 1;
        eval {
                require Term::Cap;
                my $termcap = Term::Cap->Tgetent;
                foreach (values %$termcap) {
                        $term_escapes{$_} = 1 if /^\e/;
                $use_termcap = 1;

The implementation of prompt_single_character sub wants to use
ReadKey, but can still let the user interact with the program by
falling back to a cooked input when it is not available, so perhaps
a better fix might be something like this:

        if (!$use_readkey) {
                print STDERR "missing Term::ReadKey, disabling 

inside the above if() that prepares $use_readkey?

You also misspelled the package name it seems ;-)
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