Krzesimir Nowak <> writes:

> It might be possible (in "Gerrited" setups) to have local branches
> outside refs/heads/, like for example in following fetch config:
> [remote "origin"]
>       url = ssh://
>       fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
>       fetch = +refs/wip/*:refs/remotes/origin-wip/*
> Let's say that 'test' branch already exist in origin/refs/wip/. If I
> call:
> git checkout test
> then it will create a new branch and add an entry to .git/config:
> [branch "test"]
>       remote = origin
>       merge = refs/wip/test
> But if I create a branch 'test2' and call:
> git push --set-upstream origin test2:refs/wip/test2
> then branch is pushed, but no entry in .git config is created.

By definition anything otuside refs/heads/ is not a branch, so do
not call things in refs/wip "branches".  Retitle it to "work for
local refs outside refs/heads" or something.

Having said that, I do not see a major problem if we allowed

        [branch "test2"]
                remote = origin
                merge = refs/wip/test2

to be created when "push --setupstream" is requested, making
test2@{upstream} to point at refs/remotes/origin-wip/test2.

I do not know what the correct implementation of such a feature
should be, though.
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