Jeff King <> writes:

> types, we simply look for an identifier at the start of the
> line that contains a "(", meaning it is either a function
> definition or a function call, and then not containing ";"
> which would indicate it is a call or declaration.

It is not worth worrying about:


that is not indented, so I think that simplicity is good.

> For example, for top-level changes
> outside functions, we might find:
>   N_("some text that is long"
> that is part of:
>   const char *foo =
>   N_("some text that is long"
>   "and spans multiple lines");

Unfortunate, but cannot be avoided.

> Before this change, we would skip past it (using the cpp regex, that is;
> the default one tends to find the same line) and either report nothing,
> or whatever random function was before us. So it's a behavior change,
> but the existing behavior is really no better.

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