On Wed, Mar 05, 2014 at 08:55:30PM -0600, Robert Dailey wrote:

> What I'd like to do is somehow hunt down the largest commit (*not*
> blob) in the entire history of the repository to hopefully find out
> where huge directories have been checked in.
> I can't do a search for largest file (which most google results seem
> to show to do) since the culprit is really thousands of unnecessary
> files checked into a single subdirectory somewhere in history.

Other people have offered scripts to look at commit sizes. But it might
also be useful to see sizes by subdirectory. Sort of a "du" across all
of history. Script is below.

Note that this script also uses cat-file's "%(objectsize:disk)". So it
is finding the actual on-disk storage, taking into account delta
storage. You will need git v1.8.5 or later to use this feature.

  git rev-list --objects --all |
  git cat-file --batch-check="%(objectsize:disk) %(rest)" |
  perl -lne '
    my ($size, $path) = split / /, $_, 2;
    next unless defined $path; # commit obj
    do {
      $sizes{$path} += $size;
    } while ($path =~ s{/[^/]+$}{});

    END { print "$sizes{$_} $_" for (keys %sizes) }
  ' |
  sort -rn

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