Benoit Pierre <> writes:

> This patch fixes the fact that hunk editing with 'commit -p -m' does not work:
> GIT_EDITOR is set to ':' to indicate to hooks that no editor will be launched,
> which result in the 'hunk edit' option not launching the editor (and selecting
> the whole hunk).
> The fix consists in deferring the GIT_EDITOR override to the hook subprocess,
> like it's already done for GIT_INDEX_FILE:
> - modify 'run_hook' so the first parameter is the environment to set
> - add a 'run_hook_v' variant that take a va_list
> - add a new 'run_commit_hook' helper (to set both GIT_EDITOR and 

I sense that this is in line with one of the "leftover bits" items I
keep in,

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