Christian Couder <> writes:

> * many style fixes

This round is readable ;-)  Thanks.

> * clearer and nicer setup tests

Those long lines that use "printf" with many embedded \n were harder
to read and also looked harder to maintain if we ever wanted to
change them.  Splicing a string with \n in the middle of a long
single line is far harder than adding an independent line, I would
think.  For example:

        ... &&
        printf "Fixes: \nAcked-by= \nReviewed-by: \nSigned-off-by: \n" 
>>expected &&

is easier to read and maintain if written like so (with using HT
properly---our MUAs may damage it and turn the indentation into

        ... &&
        sed -e "s/ Z$/ /" >>expect <<-\EOF &&
        Fixes: Z
        Acked-by= Z
        Reviewed-by: Z
        Signed-off-by: Z

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