On 03/10/2014 08:46 AM, Michael Haggerty wrote:
> This test is trying to test a few ways to delete references using "git
> update-ref -z --stdin".  The third line passed in is
>     update SP /refs/heads/c NUL NUL <sha1> NUL
> , which is not a correct way to delete a reference according to the
> documentation (the new value should be zeros, not empty).  Pass zeros
> instead as the new value to test the code correctly.

In my original work on this feature, an empty <newvalue> is allowed.
Since newvalue is not optional an empty value can be treated as zero.
The relevant documentation is:

         Set <ref> to <newvalue> after verifying <oldvalue>, if given.
         Specify a zero <newvalue> to ensure the ref does not exist


 Use 40 "0" or the empty string to specify a zero value, except that
 with `-z` an empty <oldvalue> is considered missing.

The two together say that <newvalue> can be the empty string instead
of a literal zero.

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