Thank you very much for the answer!
I've learned a lot in this few rows.

> If we take the time to trace through the code, we can see that
> remote_is_branch is indeed either 0 or 1, thus this expression is safe
> today, however, if the implementation of starts_with() ever changes so
> that it returns a value other than 1 for true, then this code will
> break. To avoid such breakage, and to avoid placing burden of tracing
> code, you might instead write the expression as:
>     location = locations[!!origin][!!remote_is_branch];

Thanks for the good tip. I've erroneously assumed that starts_with()
never will change.

> This approach of composing strings is problematic for translation,
> which is why the GSoC microproject states:

Thanks to show me this issue. I've read the other thread and
understood the problem.

I will do better in future :)
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