Am 12.03.2014 17:46, schrieb Quint Guvernator:
> 2014-03-12 11:47 GMT-04:00 Jens Lehmann <>:
>> I think this hunk should be dropped as the memcmp() here doesn't mean
>> "starts with" but "is identical" (due to the "ce_namelen(ce) == 11" in
>> the line above).
> There is an issue with negation in this patch. I've submitted a new
> one [1] to the mailing list. The subject line of the new patch is
> "[PATCH] general style: replaces memcmp() with proper starts_with()".

Thanks, I missed that one (please use "[PATCH v2]" in the subject
line of a second patch to make follow-ups easily distinguishable
from the initial one ;-).

> Let me know if you still think the hunk should be dropped there.

Yes, I think so. That spot uses memcmp() because ce->name may
not be 0-terminated. If that assumption isn't correct, it should
be replaced with a plain strcmp() instead (while also dropping
the ce_namelen() comparison in the line above). But starts_with()
points into the wrong direction there.

> [1]:

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