So here is my attempt to clean-up what Jonathan posted in
$gmane/239537 as "how about this?" patch.

The first one (full label string) fixes up 3651e45c (wt-status: take
the alignment burden off translators, 2013-11-05) to include colon
back to translatable string again, while retaining its label alignment

The second (extract the code) is taken from Jonathan's $gmane/239537
as a separate patch.

The third is essentially the remainder of Jonathan's $gmane/239537,
with one small fix s/strlen/utf8_width/; to teach the code that
shows unmerged paths the same label alignment logic Duy added in
3651e45c for the tracked paths, while retaining the "at least 20
columns" floor to avoid the churn to the tests.

And the last lifts the "at least 20 columns" floor.

Jonathan Nieder (2):
  wt-status: extract the code to compute width for labels
  wt-status: i18n of section labels

Junio C Hamano (2):
  wt-status: make full label string to be subject to l10n
  wt-status: lift the artificual "at least 20 columns" floor

 t/    |  14 +++---
 t/ |  12 ++---
 wt-status.c            | 117 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 3 files changed, 88 insertions(+), 55 deletions(-)

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