Sandy Carter <> writes:

> I refered to the wrong lines, the ones I was refering to were:
>> +static int maxwidth(const char *(*label)(int), int minval, int maxval)
>> +{
>> +    int result = 0, i;
>> +
>> +    for (i = minval; i <= maxval; i++) {
>> +            const char *s = label(i);
>> +            int len = s ? utf8_strwidth(s) : 0;
> Sorry about that

Oh, yes, you are right.  wt_status_diff_status_string() is meant to
be asked with a bogus status character and expected to return NULL,
so diagnosing anything it does not understand as a "bug" is indeed a
bug I added.

I think I fixed in my latest reroll ($gmane/243996).

Thanks for catching that.
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