Eric Sunshine <> writes:

>> +Prepare a request to your upstream project to pull your changes to
>> +their tree to the standard output, by summarizing your changes and
>> +showing where your changes can be pulled from.
> Perhaps splitting this into two sentence (and using fewer to's) would
> make it a bit easier to grok? Something like:
>     Generate a request asking your upstream project to pull changes
>     into their tree. The request, printed to standard output,
>     summarizes the changes and indicates from where they can be
>     pulled.


>> +When the repository named by `<url>` has the commit at a tip of a
>> +ref that is different from the ref you have it locally, you can use
> Did you want to drop "it" from this sentence? Or did you mean to say
> "the ref as you have it locally"?

Thanks for your careful reading.  Will drop "it".
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