Jeff King <> writes:

> There are a few ways around this:
>   1. Add a new phase "Writing packs" which counts from 0 to 1. Even
>      though it's more accurate, moving from 0 to 1 really isn't that
>      useful (the throughput is, but the 0/1 just looks like noise).
>   2. Add a new phase "Writing reused objects" that counts from 0 bytes
>      up to N bytes. This looks stupid, though, because we are repeating
>      the current byte count both here and in the throughput.
>   3. Use the regular "Writing objects" progress, but fake the object
>      count. We know we are writing M bytes with N objects. Bump the
>      counter by 1 for every M/N bytes we write.
> The first two require some non-trivial surgery to the progress code. I
> am leaning towards the third. Not just because it's easy, but because I
> think it actually shows the most intuitive display. Yes, it's fudging
> the object numbers, but those are largely meaningless anyway (in fact,
> it makes them _better_ because now they're even, instead of getting 95%
> done and then hitting some blob that is as big as the rest of the repo
> combined).

I think the above argument, especially the "fudging but largely
meaningless anyway" part, makes perfect sense.

Thanks for looking into this.

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