I have two branch in one repo that I need to maintain for 2 different
Say branch1 and branch2 in test.git repo.

- branch1
- branch2

branch1 is developers branch all source looks version'ed manner and
branch2 is superset for branch1, example foo_v1 and foo_v2 are the directories
in branch1 where developer will update the latest one here foo_v2 and branch2
foo is same as the latest one of branch1 for an instance.

Suppose developer send 10 patches on branch1 where are changes in terms
of <dir>_<version>/ then I need to apply on my local repo branch1, till now
is fine then I need to apply same 10 patches on to my branch2 where source
tree <dir> which is quite question here how can I do.

Request for any help! let me know for any questions.

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