Hello everyone,

I'm Tamer Tas. I am studying computer engineering in Turkey.
I'm about to complete my junior year in Middle East Technical University.

After setting up my git development environment,
I've submitted patches to a microproject [1][2][3]. I'm still getting feedbacks 
the microproject. Feedback cycle has been very informative. 

I am interested in developing history repair tools for git. For the past days 
I've been learning about how git manages history, inspecting git fsck, replace, 
Also I've learned how git filter-branch is used to rewrite history and the 
drawbacks of this approach.
I've submitted the first draft of my proposal and I would love to get a 
feedback from
Jeff King or Michael Haggarty (Mentors of the project) or the community so I 
can improve my proposal.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 
Thanks in advance.

Tamer Tas

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