Dragos Foianu <dragos.foi...@gmail.com> writes:

> +     const char *verbose_prints[4] = {
> +             "Branch %s set up to track remote branch %s from %s%s",
> +             "Branch %s set up to track local branch %s%s",
> +             "Branch %s set up to track remote ref %s%s",
> +             "Branch %s set up to track local ref %s%s"
> +     };
> +     char *verbose_rebasing = rebasing ? " by rebasing." : ".";
> +

This seems to be a "lego construct" that makes translation harder: are
you sure that the "by rebasing" will be at the end of the sentence in
any languages?

Also, this lacks the _() on verbose_rebasing, which isn't translatable
anymore after your patch.

I personnally think that the table-driven approach is wrong here, it
makes the code shorter but much harder to read.

Matthieu Moy
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