Eric Sunshine <sunshine <at>> writes:

> The subject should be concise. Try to keep it at 65-70 characters or
> less. More detailed information can be written following the subject
> (separated from the subject by a blank line).
> Write in imperative tone: say "replace X with Y" rather than "X is
> replaced with Y".
> Mention the module or function you're touching.
> You might say something like this:
>     Subject: install_branch_config: replace if-chain with string composition
> Wrap lines to 65-70 characters.
> This prose is almost pure email commentary. It doesn't really convey
> useful information to a person reading the patch months or years from
> now. Place commentary below the "---" line under your sign-off.

Thanks a lot for you language and message formatting style advices.

I've make a new patch taking into account the GNU gettext requirements.
I don't know if I should create a new thread for another patch, but

I'd be glad if you will give me some information about new patch:

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