On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 9:57 AM, Stefan Zager <sza...@chromium.org> wrote:
>> I still don't understand how compat/pread.c does not work with pack_fd
>> per thread. I don't have Windows to test, but I forced compat/pread.c
>> on on Linux with similar pack_fd changes and it worked fine, helgrind
>> only complained about progress.c.
>> A pread() implementation that is thread-safe with condition sounds
>> like an invite for trouble later. And I don't think converting read()
>> to pread() is a good idea. Platforms that rely on pread() will hit
>> first because of more use of compat/pread.c. read() seeks while
>> pread() does not, so we have to audit more code..
> Using one fd per thread is all well and good for something like
> index-pack, which only accesses a single pack file.  But using that
> heuristic to add threading elsewhere is probably not going to work.
> For example, I have a patch in progress to add threading to checkout,
> and another one planned to add threading to status.  In both cases, we
> would need one fd per thread per pack file, which is pretty
> ridiculous.
> There really aren't very many calls to read() in the code.  I don't
> think it would be very difficult to eliminate the remaining ones.  The
> more interesting question, I think is: what platforms still don't have
> a thread-safe pread implementation?

I don't want to go too deep down the rabbit hole here.  We don't have
to solve the read() vs. pread() issue once for all right now; that can
wait for another day.  The pread() implementation in this patch is
certainly no worse than the one in compat/pread.c.

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