Hi all,

This is a first draft of my Proposal for GSoC, I'd love feedback about
what I might be missing and any other files I should read regarding
this, so far I have read most of tag.c, branch.c,
builtin/for-each-ref.c, parse-options.c. once again I hope I can get
the same amount of helpful feedback as when I submitted my

My name is Brian Bourn, I'm currently a computer engineering student
at Columbia university in the city of New York.  I've used git since
my freshman year however this past week has been my first time
attempting to contribute to the project, and I loved it. I'd
particularly like to tackle Unifying git branch -l, git tag -l, and
git for-each-ref.  This functionality seems like an important update
to me as it will simplify usage of git throughout three different
commands, a noble pursuit which is not contained in any other project.

Going through the annals of the listserve thus far I've found a few
discussions which provide some insight towards this process as well as
some experimental patches that never seem to have made it

I would start by beginning a deprecation plan for git branch -l very
similar to the one Junio presents in [5], moving -create-reflog to -g,

Following this I would begin the real work of the project which would
involve moving the following flag operations into a standard library
say 'list-options.h'

--contains [6]
--merged [7]
This Library would build these options for later interpretation by parse_options

Next I would implement these flags in the three files so that they are
uniform and the same formatting and list capabilities can be used on
all three. The formatting option will be especially useful for branch
and tag as it will allow users to better understand what is in each
ref that they grab.

For the most part I haven't finalized my weekly schedule but a basic
breakdown would be

Begin deprecation of -l
Spend some time reading *.c files even deeper
Build Library(dedicate Minimum one week per function moved)

Implement the list flags
Implement the format flags
(if time is left over, add some formatting)

Additionally I am thinking about adding some more formatting tools
such as numbering outputs. What do you all think of this?







[7] https://github.com/git/git/blob/master/builtin/branch.c#L849

[8] https://github.com/git/git/blob/master/builtin/branch.c#L843

Brian Bourn
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