David Tran <unsignedz...@gmail.com> writes:

> Ordinarily, we would say "VAR=VAL command" to execute a tested command with
> environment variable(s) set only for that command. This however does not work
> if 'command' is a shell function (most notably 'test_must_fail'); the result
> of the assignment is retained and affects later commands.
> To avoid this, we assigned and exported the environment variables and run such
> test(s) in a subshell like this,
>       (
>               VAR=VAL &&
>               export VAR &&
>               test_must_fail git command to be tested
>       )
> Using the "env" utility, we should be able to say
>       test_must_fail git command to be tested
> which is much shorter and easier to read.
> Signed-off-by: David Tran <unsignedz...@gmail.com>
> ---
> ...
>>Looks familiar ;-) but it seems the changes from the original you
>>took it from all look worsening, not improvements, to me.
> I learn more from rewriting than copying and pasting but I'll change most of 
> it
> back then.

Sigh.  Your edits again butchered the correctness.

Re-read your "this is a new and better way to write test_must_fail"
example above, and compare it with what was queued on 'pu'.

I think we are hitting the point of diminishing or negative returns
at this point.  Let's keep 512477b1 (tests: use "env" to run
commands with temporary env-var settings, 2014-03-18) and go forward
with it.

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