I struggled with a really nasty issue today (and yesterday):

I work on a semester project paper which is written in latex and
therefor version-controlled with git. We compile the document using
pdflatex, we automate the compiling with make.

pdflatex generates some temporary files, which are required if you
call it the second and third time (it is a top-down compiler, which
needs to be called several times). One of the file extensions is
".idx", which (kind of) conflicts with file extensions in .git/.

Unfortunetely, we wrote our `make clean` task recursively. I think you
can imagine what went wrong: The clean-task corrupted the repository,
as it removed .idx files from within .git/.

I lost work because of this ugly name collision.

My question now:

I know, I can fix this by fixing the clean task in my Makefile. But
maybe someone somewhere on this world doesn't know the git internals
as good as me (and, of course, my coworker). Is there _any chance
at all_ that this gets mentioned somewhere, so others don't fall into
this pit?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Kind regards,
Matthias Beyer

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