Justin Lebar <jle...@google.com> writes:

> Thanks for the quick reply.
> When I send a new patch, should I fold these changes into the original
> commit, or should I send them as a separate commit?

While a patch is still in an early discussion stage, consider their
earlier incarnation rejected and send them afresh with [PATCH v2]
(or v3, v4,...) when rerolling.

When you do this kind of tree-wide clean-up, please make sure that
your patch applies cleanly to 'maint', 'master', 'next' and 'pu'
branches, to check if you are touching some area that are undergoing
other changes.  If you find conflicts, please remove overlapping
parts from your main patch, make the removed parts into separate
patches that can be applied on top once these other topics that are
in flight are ready to be merged.

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