blacksimit <> writes:

> -
> +    int magic_num;
> +    
> +    magic_num = strlen("tree "); /* magic_num is 5 */
>       if (!starts_with(buffer, "tree "))

Whitespace damage. It seems you have set your tab-width to something
other than 8, and indented with spaces. Please don't do either.

> +    magic_num = strlen("committer"); /* magic_num is 7 */

Typical example of a counter-productive comment. A good comment usually
explains _why_ the code is as it is, and not _what_ it is doing. C is a
much better lanuage than english to describe algorithm, so if you want
magic_num to become equal to 7, then write "magic_num = 7" in code, not
in a comment.

Here, the reader has to spend time and energy to check the
correspondance between the code and the redundant comment ... and see
than they do not match!

Matthieu Moy
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