On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 08:31:38AM +0100, Per Cederqvist wrote:
> I recently found myself sitting on a train with a computer in front of
> me.  I tried to use "guilt import-commit", which seemed to work, but
> when I tried to "guilt push" the commits I had just imported I got
> some errors.  It turned out that "guilt import-commit" had generated
> invalid patch names.
> I decided to fix the issue, and write a test case that demonstrated
> the problem.
> One thing led to another, and here I am, a few late nights at a hotel
> and a return trip on the train later, submitting a patch series in 28
> parts.  Sorry about the number of patches, but this is what happens
> when you uncover a bug while writing a test case for the bug you
> uncovered while writing a test case for your original problem.

No problem.  I prefer large number of patches instead of a big wad that's
much harder to follow.

> The patch series consists of:
>  - Changed behavior: "guilt push" when there is nothing more to push
>    now uses exit status 1.  This makes it possible to write shell
>    loops such as "while guilt push; do make test||break; done".  Also,
>    "guilt pop" when no patches are applied also uses exit status 1.
>    (This aligns "guilt push" and "guilt pop" with how "hg qpush" and
>    "hg qpop" has worked for several years.)

Sounds fine.

>  - Changed behavior: by default, guilt no longer changes branch when
>    you push a patch.  You need to do "git config guilt.reusebranch
>    false" to re-enable that.  This patch sets the default value of
>    guilt.reusebranch to true; it should in my opinion change to false
>    a year or two after the next release.

Probably a fair thing to do.  I should really make a release soon :/

I'm sending this off before I go through all the patches so you know that
I've seen this and plan to comment/pull.  It'll probably take a bit to go
through all 28 :)



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