On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 11:37 PM, Andrew Keller <and...@kellerfarm.com> wrote:
> I am considering developing a new feature, and I'd like to poll the group for 
> opinions.
> Background: A couple years ago, I wrote a set of scripts that speed up 
> cloning of frequently used repositories.  The scripts utilize a bare Git 
> repository located at a known location, and automate providing a --reference 
> parameter to `git clone` and `git submodule update`.  Recently, some 
> coworkers of mine expressed an interest in using the scripts, so I published 
> the current version of my scripts, called `git repocache`, described at the 
> bottom of <https://github.com/andrewkeller/ak-git-tools>.
> Slowly, it has occurred to me that this feature, or something similar to it, 
> may be worth adding to Git, so I've been thinking about the best approach.  
> Here's my best idea so far:
> 1)  Introduce '--borrow' to `git-fetch`.  This would behave similarly to 
> '--reference', except that it operates on a temporary basis, and does not 
> assume that the reference repository will exist after the operation 
> completes, so any used objects are copied into the local objects database.  
> In theory, this mechanism would be distinct from '--reference', so if both 
> are used, some objects would be copied, and some objects would be accessible 
> via a reference repository referenced by the alternates file.

Interesting.  I do something similar on my CI Server to reduce
workload on Gerrit. Having a built-in to support submodules would be
nice.  Currently my script does this:

git clone ${MIRROR}/project && cd project

#-- Init/update submodules from our local mirror if possible
git submodule update --recursive --init

#-- Switch to the remote server URL
git config remote.origin.url $(git config remote.origin.url|sed -e
git submodule sync #--recursive ; recursive not supported :-[

#-- Checkout remote updates
git pull --ff-only --recurse-submodules origin ${BRANCH}
git submodule update --recursive --init

Is that about the same as you are aiming for?

> 2)  Teach `git fetch` to read 'repocache.path' (or a better-named 
> configuration), and use it to automatically activate borrowing.

Seems like this could be trouble if a local repo is coincidentally
named the same as some unrelated repo you want to clone.  But I can
see the value.

What about something similar to url.insteadOf?   Maybe
'url.${SERVER}.autoBorrow = ${MIRROR}', with replacement semantics
similar to insteadOf.

> 3)  For consistency, `git clone`, `git pull`, and `git submodule update` 
> should probably all learn '--borrow', and forward it to `git fetch`.
> 4)  In some scenarios, it may be necessary to temporarily not automatically 
> borrow, so `git fetch`, and everything that calls it may need an argument to 
> do that.


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