Jeff King <> writes:

> On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 01:49:44AM -0700, Ilya Bobyr wrote:
>> Here are some examples of how functionality added by the patch
>> could be used.  In order to run setup tests and then only a
>> specific test (use case 1) one can do:
>>     $ ./ --run='1 2 25'
>> or:
>>     $ ./ --run='<3 25'
>> ('<=' is also supported, as well as '>' and '>=').
> I don't have anything against this in principle, but I suspect it will
> end up being a big pain to figure out which of the early tests are
> required to set up the state, and which are not. Having "<" makes
> specifying it easier, but you still have to read the test script to
> figure out which tests need to be run.


> I wonder if it would make sense to "auto-select" tests that match a
> regex like "set.?up|create"? A while ago, Jonathan made a claim that
> this would cover most tests that are dependencies of other tests. I did
> not believe him, but looking into it, I recall that we did seem to have
> quite a few matching that pattern. If there were a good feature like
> this that gave us a reason to follow that pattern, I think people might
> fix the remainder

This may be worth experimenting with, I would think.
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