On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 03:25:36PM -0400, Jeff King wrote:

> > The primary thing you wanted to achieve by the "gmtime gave us NULL,
> > let's substitute it with an arbitrary value to avoid dereferencing
> > the NULL" change was *not* that we see that same arbitrary value
> > comes out of the system, but that we do not die by attempting to
> > reference the NULL, I think.  Not dying is the primary thing we want
> > to (and we already do) test, no?
> I think there are really two separate behaviors we are testing here (and
> in the surrounding tests):
>   1. Don't segfault if gmtime returns NULL.
>   2. Whenever we cannot process a date (either because gmtime fails, or
>      because we fail before even getting the value to gmtime),
>      consistently return the sentinel date (so the reader can easily
>      know it's bogus).
> Having the test be particular about its output helped us find a case
> where FreeBSD did not trigger (1), but did trigger (2), by returning a
> blanked "struct tm".
> I'm open to the argument that (2) is not worth worrying about that much
> if it is a hassle to test. But I don't think it is that much hassle
> (yet, anyway).

That being said, is the AIX value actually right? I did not look closely
at first, but just assumed that it was vaguely right. But:

  999999999999999999 / (86400 * 365)

is something like 31 billion years in the future, not 160 million.
A real date calculation will have a few tweaks (leap years, etc), but
that is orders of magnitude off.

So I am not sure that AIX is not actually just giving us utter crap. In
that case, the test is not wrong; it's pickiness is actually finding a
real problem. But I am not sure it is a problem worth solving. I do not
want to get into heuristics deciding whether a particular platform's
gmtime output is crap or not. That pushes this into the realm of "it's
not worth testing", and we should stick to just testing that we did not

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