I'm running:

Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit

and git version
git:amd64/saucy 1: uptodate

my remote repository is on a Chiliprojekt server (a fork of Redmine).

cloning the repo over http results in following error:

sneher@sneher-XPS:~/Dokumente/test$ git clone http://sne...@git.projects.gwdg.de/xrd-csd.git
Klone nach 'xrd-csd'...
Password for 'http://sne...@git.projects.gwdg.de':
fatal: http://sne...@git.projects.gwdg.de/xrd-csd.git/info/refs not valid: is this a git repository?

the content of ../info/refs looks like this

e49ae34096fd6fff3d1e7b8e7b6e78ae29bad913        refs/heads/0.2.2
3d375b2f7eeeb7bc12b24cc8181aa085f471ba10        refs/heads/master
f7a69735c1e2cb8363be849afa9e9bfdf2db61c6        refs/heads/new_lab
879ccace941ea6dc83876b1dcfcc099e5c7e5b42        refs/heads/testing
2f9504da3febcdafb9cb92806e7e178144fec0c9        refs/remotes/origin/HEAD
2f9504da3febcdafb9cb92806e7e178144fec0c9        refs/remotes/origin/master
f7a69735c1e2cb8363be849afa9e9bfdf2db61c6        refs/remotes/origin/new_lab
58fe57f5a2a0c8e8096c62f8ab8be2077c592e53        refs/remotes/origin/testing
4b64a990dc1534abcccfb7f8c22f0cc5388e9db8        refs/tags/0.1.0
a90ce817ca3bde41ce6c88cf22a9993bd7560f55        refs/tags/0.1.1
9a25635e866979b044b83f914cfd993a7031a9ca        refs/tags/0.1.2
5a94e698b1042b34a25c87ced98f5f42d40e2578        refs/tags/0.2.0
7cb00e325c1fb9a4112700744237f873bd5bae16        refs/tags/0.2.1

I use to have the same problem on a different Ubuntu version (12.10). There the 
problem occurede with the git 1.8 update. I just switcht back to the older 

Problem is, there is no older version for saucy.

Thanks for your help! and, in case this do to my inability, sorry for bugging 


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