On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 02:50:46PM -0400, David A. Dalrymple (and Bhushan G. 
Lodha) wrote:

> This series introduces a --function-name=<pattern> option for git-log, 
> intended
> to search for commits which touch a function matching a certain pattern (a
> feature we've seen requested and are interested in using ourselves).

How does your feature compare with the line-level history viewer? E.g.:

  git log -L:myfunc:foo.c

I guess by being part of pickaxe, it can be used to generally select
commits (whereas "-L" is about drilling down a particular set of lines,
so something like --full-diff would not work).

But "-L" can do many things that pickaxe can't. It is not just about
finding lines touched within a pattern, but uses the pattern to
determine an initial set of lines, and then recursively "blames" those
lines going back through history. So how you specify the pattern is more
flexible (you can give any line range, for example), and it should be
able to cross boundaries like function renames.

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