On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 10:16:47PM +0100, Maurice Bos wrote:

> I have no clue why git diff --cached isn't used instead of git diff-index.
> I was wondering about it, but I decided I don't know enough about git and
> there are probably valid reasons for doing it this way. Though, replacing
> it with with git diff --cached seems to have the exact same behaviour, as
> far as I tested. That would make the patch a little prettier, as it doesn't
> contain the empty tree id any more:

I think it probably goes in the wrong direction, though. The prompt code
should probably be building on plumbing, not porcelain. So your original
patch as-is is probably the most sensible thing (we may want to convert
the first git-diff call to use plumbing, too, but that would be a
separate patch).

It looks like Junio did not pick up your patch. You may want to repost

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