I found git sometimes can't detect working trees changes. But I can
only reproduce this problem on several specific files, unfortunately
these files are copyrighted source files so I can't send them to you.
Is there anything I can do to narrow the problem and finally reproduce
the bug without these commercial files?

I posted a question on stackoverflow which shows the process.


Actually what I'm doing is:

git init
" copy the first version of file into the working tree.
git add .
git commit -m 'init'
" copy and replace the file into working tree.
git status

and nothing is reported by git.

these two files have the same timestamp, the same size, bug slightly
different contents. These files were generated by `git difftool -d` I
just manually copied them out from the temp directory just for future

Git I'm using is msysgit 1.9.0 on windows 7

Best regards,
Sheng Yun
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