Jens Lehmann <> writes:

>> .. but it's less clear if one explicitely stages an updated
>> submodule using git add. Git commit will ignore it anyway, if
>> ignore=all is configured in .gitmodules. Maybe that's correct too

That definitely smells like a bug to me.  Excluding modified
submodules when "git add -u" is run with ignore=all would be fine
and most likely the right thing to do, but once the user actually
adds the change to the index, it should not be ignored.

> ...
>> And also, I'd like to know git folks' opinion on whether it's OK that
>> git commit with ignore=all in .gitmodules ignores submodules even when
>> they are explicitely staged with git add.
> No, they should be visible in status and commit when the user chose
> to add them. I see if I can hack something up (as I've been bitten
> myself by that recently ;-).

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