Marat Radchenko <> writes:

> Patches summary:
> 1. Fix initial issue (incorrect cast causing crash on 64-bit MSVC)
> 2. Improve OPT_SET_PTR to prevent same errors in future
> 3. Purge OPT_SET_PTR away since nobody uses it
> *Optional* patch №3 is separated from №1 and №2 so that if someone someday
> decides to return OPT_SET_PTR back by reverting №3, it will be returned
> in a sane state.
> Decision of (not) merging №3 is left as an exercise to the reader due to
> my insufficient knowledge of accepted practices in Git project.

SET_PTR() may not be used, but are there places where SET_INT() is
abused with a cast-to-pointer for the same effect?  I didn't check,
but if there are such places, converting them to use SET_PTR() with
their existing cast removed may be a better way to go.

My suspicion is that there would be none, as switching the behaviour
based on a small integer flag value is far easier than swapping the
pointer to a pointee to be operated on, when responding to a command
line option.
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